What we do

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One passion. Two objectives.

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We Create Space To Focus

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Our services give you more time to focus on making your distinct contribution to the world. Concentrating on unique areas of talent, giftedness, or training has allowed many of our clients to achieve tremendous success. This success creates wealth, opportunities and options which can often divert their attention, time and energy from the things that are ultimately most productive. If not corrected, success can be the very thing that undermines itself. Our services help to break this cycle so that you are free to focus on what you do best.

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We Make Your Wealth Matter

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We help you use your wealth to accomplish what is most important to you. Wealth, as an end unto itself, is never enough, nor does it ultimately satisfy. Yet, when wealth becomes a means to a greater end, its ultimate value increases in direct proportion to the goal. The greater the goal, the greater the impact your wealth have. Our services help your wealth SIGNIFY to the world what matters most.

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These services free our clients to focus:

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Modern Wealth Planning

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Powerful. Intuitive. Up to date. We immerse ourselves in your world to understand what you want to accomplish with your life and wealth. Every detail is considered and included in our comprehensive planning process; short & long-term goals, investments, business interests, assets, liabilities, risk tolerances, insurance coverages, retirement plan assets, pensions, etc. Each variable is analyzed to statistically calculate your progression toward your ultimate goals, your plan is available 24/7 and updated daily with current data to ensure it is always up to date and simple to understand.

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Detailed Wealth Coordination

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Signify provides innovative leadership to your team of financial professionals (CPA’s, Attorneys, Agents, Bankers etc). This includes communicating your vision, facilitating creative problem solving, and overseeing the many details required to successfully implement your plan. These details range from coordinating complex offerings such as financing for new ventures, multiple state and entity tax filings, implementing estate planning strategies, to the more straight forward tasks such as coordinating bill & invoices payments. Whatever is required, we are there every step of the way to make sure your wealth is coordinated with precision.

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Transparent Oversight

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Everything in One Place. Our personal client website allows you to view and track ALL your accounts in one place. With connections to 21,000+ financial institutions, our web-based system provides complete transparency through live reporting which includes account balances, performance, allocation, detailed holdings information, and transactions. To remove conflicts of interest we charge an asset management fee which is disclosed in detail. Weekly email updates keep you abreast of account changes and our client vault allows you to store all of your important documents in one safe and secure location.

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Data Driven Investment Strategies

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All Growth is not the same. Our philosophy and goal for each client is to intelligently grow their wealth while minimizing the associated risks. In determining the final portfolio mix we use the follow process:

1) Quantify Risk Using Risk Analytics, we quantify your risk tolerance into a unique but easy to understand risk number. This analytical approach allows us to set return expectations within a 95% probability range and create powerful milestones for each client.

2) Determine Asset Allocation – Armed with your risk tolerance, goals and additional variables, we determine the necessary asset allocation mix aimed at achieving the rate of return needed to reach your goals.

3) Sector Analysis & Investment Manager Due Diligence – Once the asset allocation is set we begin the construction of your portfolio. Our long-standing partnership with our investment consultant allows us to offer our clients insightful market research and sector analysis from both global and domestic perspectives. Years of experience and analytical acumen created the rigorous due diligence process used for every investment/manager review. Resulting in only the most qualified alternatives for inclusion in our client’s portfolio.

4) Risk Managment – Throughout the investment cycle we consistently implement proprietary risk management strategies to reduce the overall risk to our client portfolios.

5) Ongoing Review– Our investment selection process is independently conducted quarterly to ensure each portfolio is pro-actively populated with prudent investment options. Additionally, our transparent oversight system allows us to consider positions from all client accounts and thus reduces over exposure.

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Comprehensive Protection

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Protect What You Have Earned. Protecting your wealth from unnecessary income and estate tax, sudden loss, accidents, death, and disability is just as important as accumulating it. Our specialists, in conjunction with your CPA, Estate Planning Attorney and insurance professionals, review your current coverages and strategies to make sure their is cohesion and fit. Proper asset protection is the first step in the very personal and sensitive process of deciding how, when and to whom you transfer your wealth. You have worked hard to accumulate your wealth and we are here every step of the way to make sure we make it matter.

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What Does Your Wealth Signify? MAKE IT MATTER